Since we aim at the development of the child's mind by his own exertions, we ensure a kind of education which will be not only quench the thirst for knowledge but will equip and enable him to deal with real life situations.

 :: Class Room  
Bright, airy and well-ventilated with best quality furniture and electric fittings. The furniture for tiny tots is attractive and colorful.
:: Laboratories  
Being a core subject in the school curriculum till class X, Science is taught to all students. The four school laboratories (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Junior Science Labs) are well equipped and serve as valuable means of enhancing the teaching learning process. We allow students the valuable opportunity to learn while they experiment. Supervised Laboratory classes help the students to understand an otherwise difficult concept effortlessly.

:: Library

The storehouse of knowledge - our library is airy, spacious and has a seating capacity of at least 50 students at a time. It contains about 7,000 books in diverse disciplines ranging from classics, fiction. Reference to Philosophy and Religion. Students use the Library for recreational reading as well as for project work. The school also subscribes to a wide range of newspapers and magazines.

:: Computer Laboratory


Today, with knowledge literally at the finger-tips, computers have become an integral part of school education. Our computers are well-equipped with multimedia and latest softwares. We also have a connectivity to the internet. The air-conditioned Computer Lab is well furnished with 19 Computers, 3 Printers, UPS, Scanner, CD-Writer, Educational CD-ROMs and VCDs. Every student has an access to the computer and is being made familiar with its fundamentals. Computer literacy begins right from Class I.

:: Resource Department

With education being Child-Centered today and with emphasis on Learning While Doing, we have taken great care to develop a well-ventilated, bright, colorful and aptly equipped resource department wherein the child is encouraged to form and explore his potentials. The department contains an Over Head Projector, Tape-recorder, Video Cassette, Computer and innumerable teaching aids pertaining to all subjects, class wise.




:: Mathematic Laboratory

Mathematics is fun and we aim to make it so! We have taken up cudgels on behalf of the representation of its nature responsible for the great 'Mathphobia' so prevalent amongst our society, we break the myth that Maths is dull and boring and try to rub in into the students that Maths is fun but with a serious purpose. We have in the Maths Laboratory, Games for Primary and Secondary students, Charts and Models. Here, we help the child to develop creativity in Maths.